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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 3, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ >> tradition, history, culture. discover the best memories of your life. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." islamic state released a video that appears to show the murder of alan henning. an aid worker who was captured. scuffles broke out. student groups say they will not
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meet with government officials. talk about a massive portrait of america. the nearest -- newest attraction is best viewed from way above. welcome to our viewers on public television here in america and also around the globe created video has been posted on the internet that purports to show an islamic state fighter beheading the british hostage alan henning. the aid worker was taken captive on december 26 last year shortly after crossing the border between turkey and syria. earlier this week, his wife rubber asked the militants in a televised lee, please release him, we need him back home. s for joining me. is working toe
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evaluate this video. it is unspeakable what we are seeing from islamic state, isn't it? >> it is outrageous and the sympathy to the family will be -- the loss of a british citizen will be shared by us and a high-end reverent way. we are outraged but it underscores the resolve we must have together in order to defeat this enemy. >> you have been outspoken on the need to take stronger action against islamic state. the white house saying that this is why the president has articulated this and is moving in a comprehensive way to degrade and destroy isis. as the west doing enough? >> i think we do need to have the option of ground troops. i do not know if we need ground troops but one of them is -- the
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threat would be useful. airstrike support the , i support the president position on it. bem concerned we will not able to train the resistance level that they will need to defeat isis. you cannot keep the ground troop option off the table. >> what is the timeframe here because these hostages do not have very much time at their disposal. take to is it going to have some impact here? >> we will have to find where is,brain center or back on that is what we will have to break into and have that this option that the resident is talking about. we know wherethat it is exactly or how long it will take us to find it.
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we are going to have to destroy their will and i think you're right. it is a race against time. they will be marched out one by one in the coming weeks and toths and we are able destroy the enemy. that is why having a strong coalition and resolve with the members is important. the videos and the bombardments have not stopped. do you expect the bombardments to carry on? >> the bombardments continue and will bethat isis surprised. maybe they have underestimated resolve for peace in that region and we are willing to stick together and ramp-up the airstrikes and that we can't defeat them. you will not see a slowing down one bit on that. >> thank you. >> that was reaction to this
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video from jack kingston. >> alan henning, full of optimism, looking forward to his trip to syria. his aim was to help the innocent people caught up in the civil war. he did not realize what a dark place syria had become. he left his home with an aid convoy heading to the syrian-turkish border. it was seized at the so-called islamic state 30 minutes after crossing into syria. the volunteers had not realized how powerful islamic state had become. >> all of a sudden all these mass gunmen came running into the compound and we did not know what was happening. one by one, they would call all of us out one by one and ask us our date of birth and trying to
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find out if we are spies. >> the rest of the group, all muslim, were released. alan henning was kept and tried in a sharia court accused of spying. he was cleared. his captives have to except he was there purely as an aid worker. it did not save him. have condemned the killing. the two hotties of the islamic state are holding many more foreign hostages. at the end of the video showing his killing they paraded an american citizen. they said he would be the next victim. the islamic state is also holding a british photographer. today, his seriously ill father made a desperate appeal for his son's life. >> to those holding john, please know that he is a good man. thes only there to help
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fromn people and i ask you all that is sacred to help us and allow him to return home who he loves and who love him. usehe islamic state of as a tactic there have been more violent her -- proween -democracy leaders and those opposed. the talks have been called off
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saying they cannot negotiate while there is still violence on the street. click some are calling it the siege. -- pro-china camp has found its voice. a city divided. police try to keep them apart. they accuse the democracy camp of hurting hong kong. and demand that they leave. i asked her what she is upset about as she said the students are blocking roads and making daily life nearly impossible. residents say local are a minority. they say they are under attack from the government to drive them out.
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the police have come down here and the our testers are angry. , residentshey see are angry because they feel they are under attack from thuggish elements. arrest them, arrest them, they shout. the protesters say police are failing to protect them because they want them gone. arrest the ones [inaudible] saidnesty or national police had failed in their duty to protect protesters. they did drag out troublemakers. of this incident, students have pulled out of negotiations with the government on local reform.
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weariness, the rain, and the prospect of talks have driven many demonstrators off the streets, the siege has brought them back out again. for more on the situation, i spoke a short time ago to jon huntsman, the former ambassador to china. where do you think these protests go now, there is some sense that the number is declining. can they keep this up? >> i am not sure they will go anywhere anytime soon. you have a mention of young people and students who will maintain their level of enthusiasm but the tricky part here is that the chief executive does not have a lot of credibility to broker-deal, to find a compromise. is not because he respected. he came up as a chief executive under murky circumstances in 2012 and was seen as inc. too
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much in the hip pocket of beijing so that is a problem. the second part is the leader of his aggressiveof anticorruption campaign over the last eight are part of year, has a lot of people looking for him to slip up so he cannot afford to make a mistake. if you were to make a mistake here or there would be a lot of blood in the water. >> what are you learning about his leadership style from what has happened in hong kong over the last week? >> he wants to take a hands-off approach. chances are that he will let the chief executive blow in the wind for while, let him take care of the problem. but i think deeper here is that paying is -- ping is establishing himself as a solitary, singular leader in the sense that he does not rule by consensus.
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the would have taken situation back to the standing committee of the politburo to seek consensus. ping has fully consolidated power and he is singularly in town -- in charge. , stu think he is about the prospects of the protests spreading beyond hong kong and showing he will not tolerate dissent? >> he cannot let this kind of attitude go beyond hong kong. it could but there has to be an appetite for it. he is pretty popular in china. he has taken a fairly populist line through the anti-corruption campaign. the economy has gone reasonably well so that has to be enough discontent to give people rise and in hong kong, you have discontent over the changing of the roles with the rules with a white paper that came out in
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june. reneging on their one person, one vote deal. they have recently taken the streets but you also have to say additionally the way he sees hong kong, he has run some coastal provinces before. he was a party secretary in shanghai. why is that important? shanghai has seen -- been seen as a competitor so he has been on the shanghai site which -- looking to win over investment and trade away from hong kong so he has seen hong kong from a different perspective. his father was in charge of hong during the mao period. he would have grown up in an environment which saw hong kong as a place full of cool again activity and western subversion for the most part. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you.
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>> the white house said the u.s. government would take a comprehensive approach to controlling the ebola epidemic in west africa. the comments come as a hazardous materials crew arrived at a place where a liberian men had stayed. apartment where thomas duncan had become ill. was contagious with ebola afore being taken to decontamination word. four of his family members remain in the house under armed guard. being monitored. thomas duncan is still seriously ill. 50 people he had contact with her ring loosely monitored for symptoms. >> every outbreak over the past 40 years has been stopped.
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we know how to do this. and we will do it again. with america's leadership am i am confident and president obama is confident that this epidemic will also be stopped. >> in west africa, the number of deaths is approaching three and a half thousand. twice that number infected and it is increasing exponentially. a freelance cameraman is the latest american to have been infected. he and the nbc news crew he was working with have been flown back to the u.s. >> he is a little better today. he was very nervous yesterday. it is a very frightening experience. i think he is extraordinarily relieved that he is going to be evacuated and come back to the united states for optimal medical care. he is trying to keep his spirits up but it is very difficult time for him. >> the fear of a bowl is spreading across america. a patient is being held here in
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washington, d.c. in isolation while being tested for the virus. there have been many false alarms from here to miami and hawaii. ebolaly concern case of that has been diagnosed is in dallas. as thomas duncan fights the virus, doctors are hoping others have not been infected. >> you're watching bbc world news america. still to come. vote time in the seventh largest economy. brazil will choose a new president. whoever wins it is bound to be a woman. bbccast and crew of the program top gear has had to filming after their cars were pelted with stones. some objected to the registration number which was seen as referring to the falklands war. presenters had short
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filming because of fear for safety. fears that seem to have been borne out by damaged done to the cars which has been borne out as they prepared to leave the country. by some interpreted argentina as a reference to the falklands conflict of 1982. >> i think it is offensive but the reaction was too much. it is normal that people react. it should not be in such a violent way. british, it is obvious it was on purpose. there is no need to do that. especially these days when we are looking for peace. >> the bbc has denied that the car was chosen for its number plates or there were substituted for the original. the bbcstill pulling
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into another top gear controversy. staying close to the edge of acceptability is close to their success. the danger is occasionally the show has gone too far. overstepped the mark and now the problem is anything they do, intentional or not, is liable to be interpreted in the most difficult way possible for them. isdart -- note doubt it harder to do this show because of what has happened before. >> this has thrown them into the top site at a time when the bbc has said it is looking closely at the show because of its past problems. >> voters in brazil will elect a new president. at stake is who will lead the world's seventh largest economy. while brazil has been basking in the success of the world cup,
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the economic picture is not so rosy. there are charges of corruption. the president is excited to win another four-year term but she has a formidable challenger in marina silva. she is campaigning on an anticorruption ticket. >> thrust into the spotlight after the death of her running mate in a plane crash, marina silva has been the story of this election. attracting support from brazil's middle classes who are dismayed by a faltering economy and from favelas,n poor in the mistrustful of a political elite. from the political jungle to the real thing. the woman who made her name as an environmental campaigner group in these forests. childeaking work as a collecting sap for rubber.
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levels of desperate inequality. racism and corruption are rife. the fact that a mixed-race woman who grew up in this level of poverty could become the next president is testament to the progress made in recent years. >> if she wins she will have to protect the environment and promote development. she is more capable than doing it. silva has tapped into the growing public discontent undoubtedly. that culminated in last year's nationwide protests. this is the election to lose. overseeing progress at the bebic part, she intends to in charge for the 2016 games. the conference of welfare programs have lifted tens of millions out of poverty.
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the critics say that high taxes arestate-controls pushing the country into recession. economyre left with an that is overregulated and protected and has poor infrastructure and high taxes. >> the claims that life is improving for all brazilians rings hollow when you see this. violence back on the streets this week as the main road became a battleground between the army and drugs gangs. cannot campaign here without a massive military escort. thousands more have been brought in to secure the vote. will be watching that election on sunday. visitors to washington will have the chance to see a temporary addition to the national mall.
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not another museum arm monument. it is a huge face. the giant portrait is made from different colored sand and earth. it was created by jorge rodriguez [indiscernible] for the nation. so large it can be seen from space. this is one of the most protected and regulated places in the country. the national portrait gallery wanted to bring art to the people. the authorities agreed. iris,ht now i am on the this round area here is the iris. we have eyelashes. dohe used dozens of faces to design the face. one.f many, an example of one of
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the possibilities of the face of america. that is the beauty of this. it is talking about how we should celebrate diversity and fow it is the backbone o america. >> 10,000 picks were placed in the ground using gps technology. this is his digital paintbrush. and paint tound the ground with this piece of technology. pegs formed the outline for areas of shade. like paint by numbers. >> it is. a great analogy. we're putting the lines in the paper and the construction crew comes along behind us and puts the organic material between the lines.
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>> the result is a face scape they've been excellent walkover. is a in the face scape once-in-a-lifetime experience. nothing like this has happened on the national mall before and may well never happen again. from the ground it is quite engaging. there is different textures and colored earth, but to get a sense of the portrait, you have to go up high. 160 nanometers, the washington monument is the world's tallest obelisk in the best place to view the portrait. t was really cool to see. a publicgrand in space. it is magnificent to see. >> a giant portrait that has taken up six acres of land. it is pretty incredible. >> the portrait will be plowed under and the field reseeded.
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there will be plenty of digital images. creating a memory that will endure long after the portrait itself has vanished. >> amazing. i know what i will be doing with my kids this weekend. find out much more on our website. from all of us here, thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, beijing tourism, and union bank. ♪
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>> tradition, history, culture. discover the best memories of your life.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: ebola in the u.s. the white house tries to reign in concern as unconfirmed reports emerge of additional cases and a hazmat team returns to the dallas apartment of the sole confirmed patient. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. then, debunking the myth of the american immortal, why one prominent doctor argues against the fight to live past 75. >> we'll live longer, but we'll also live with more functional limitations, less able to move around, more mental limitations so i think we need to put all of that into the way we think about old age. we're not going to be-- i'm not


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